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"Not all scenery in group could load"...BUT I have plenty of space!?!?

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Occasionally I will get a message when trying to select a theme group that say not all objects in group could load because there isn't enough room (I'm paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact wording). I know that we are only allowed so many groups, paths, walls, etc. I know there is a object limit. The problem is that I get the message sometimes when I DO have available space. I keep track and pay close attention to my object number so it is very frustrating to get this message when I know for a fact I have room to load every object in the theme group.
Is this a bug? Is this an issue with custom scenery in general, or maybe the ones I have?  Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone explain to me if it is something I'm doing wrong or what the issue might be if it isn't a known bug?

Any help, feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.


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