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Hi All!


I having a weird experience with Open RCT2 not reading some of my .parkobj files. Im running the MACOS version, and have RCT1 linked. Here is what im experiencing. If i go into the Resources folder -> RCT1 -> Terrain_ Edge, the game reads all 11 of the additional RCT1 terrain edges (Gray, Red, Yellow, Brick, Iron, Etc) these are all .parkobj files. If i go to Resources -> RCT1 -> Terrain_ Surface, the game is  not reading the 4 additional  surface types  ( Roofed, RoofGrey,  Rust, Wood).  Even moving them to the Resources -> RCT2 -> Terrain Surface folder doesnt work either. In addition, the also dont show up if i put them in the custom object folder. 


Thanks in advance for you help!

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On 12/07/2020 at 00:25, MGDehnel said:

they are the same type of files that the edge terrain from RCT1 is and it reads those just fine.....

That is not the problem. The game can load the sprites, but the SV6 format does not allow for additional surface styles to be added. This is not a bug, the surface styles are not currently supported and there is no way to make them work until the new save format is introduced. Unless you're on the (very much unstable) new save format branch, the terrain surface objects won't be loaded, only the edge types.

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