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need some help on mac

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hey everyone. im new to this entirely. never modded a game or anything before. 
played rct 1 and 2 back in the day but havent in a few years. saw this project on youtube and figured i would see if it would work. to my happy surprise its available for mac. 
then find out i need the original game files. i can get them on steam, but steam says my OS is to new to work for those games. im on mac os catalina 10.15 but apparently they stopped suppourting 32 bit games when upgrading from 10.14. 
figured i would ask if someone here knows before i spend my money or downgrade my OS, if i download those files, will open rct open the game without issue? or will it not work? 

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OpenRCT2 supports Mac OS 10.14 and above. If you're on an older version you would need to either update your OS or use the release version of OpenRCT2 (which still supports older Mac OS for now, but the next release won't).

If you have trouble downloading the vanilla game files from Steam, you can follow the guide here, or use the demo version which also works.

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Yeah I'm just having problems getting all of this to work I'm clearly not well-versed in this. Downloaded the game files from GOG and OpenRCT2. Downloaded the Homebrew innoextract, but the commands after don't seem to be working.

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