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Partial unload in transport rides

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In real life, when you're waiting for the railroad or monorail, all people doesn't unload. Some people use transport to go to A to B, other people just make a complete ride.
In the game, we'll see some people stay in wagon, other unload. In a wonderful world, "unload" probability will be increase if station is near to the entrance, or food area, or attractive rides

Is it easy to add this feature or similar on RCT2 transport ride logic ? 

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It wouldn't be too hard to build it in, though the devil is in the details. For example, in most parks, you can remain seated in transport rides (and most other ones), but only if there aren't more people waiting to get in than there are seats left. You'd also take stuff like guests' happiness into account (angry guests are less likely to remain seated), and make sure that people wouldn't stay on forever.

That is assuming you don't take stuff like proximity to park entrance, food areas or attractive rides into account. That would vastly increase the difficulty of implementing it.

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Thanks for clarification.
Indeed, if you want to do it right, it could be very hard to implement. But as a first step i imagined a classic "random" algo.
Like : if rand(0,1) > 0.7 then guest unload else guest stay

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