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  1. "El famoso" new save format 😁 Well, ok.. need to restart my scenario.. Thanks for your answer 😉
  2. Hello, According to this tuto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqtpV28YJA0, we can expand/shrink our park.. but only in two directions. Is it possible to improve system and choose the direction of expand/shrink ? For example, it could be the two opposites sides of the bottom corner, and if we rotate the map, we can "control" sides of map we want to increase/decrease ? Thanks for your answer !
  3. Hello there, I try to update existant custom content (downloaded here : https://web.archive.org/web/20130630072048/http://www.rctmart.com/downloads/ilgmk/ilgmk-darkride.zip) However, i only know "RCT2 Object Editor" and this tool is... raw. Update pixel by pixel is not very friendly... When i see all stuff made by fan, i suppose that images are made on some advanced tools (like Photoshop or other), exported to bitmap, and imported in this famous tool "RCT2 Object editor". So, have you got a tuto or a list of tools to, for example, export existing sprite of custom object, modify them in any modern tools, and make a new object ? Thanks for your help !
  4. Hello all, Is there a easy way to save many scenery elements with a ride ? When I want to save a ride with scenery, game is paused and became gray. I need to select each element. If I want to save a big building with a ride, it take a long time.. and I'm not sure that all (hidden) elements are selected. Is it possible to draw an area and tick an option to select all elements included in this area ? Or something else ? Thanks !
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