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Ease of Use and other Gameplay improvements

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1. The ability to copy and paste a section of track, and be placeable as any other ride with ctrl/shift for height placement.

2. Ability to save track designs without stats, for merged track rides

3. Ability to see Money tab on stalls when "No Money" is enabled.  (particularly useful if you're trying to see what a stall sells).

4. View Improvements:

  •   Ability to Hide Water
  •  Ability to lock the view, so closing windows doesn't change it
  •  Ability to lock cut away view window (so shift-backspace doesn't close it)
  •  Hotkey and/or menu item to remove all views
  •  Ability to move past edge of map more when zoomed in all the way. (For maps that have tall terrain).

Sorry if any of these have already been suggested!  Just have been compiling a small list of things that I would like to see implemented.  There is one or two things that have escaped my mind at the present moment, so I may or may not add to the list!

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Saving things other than complete track designs is planned, but the discussions were mainly focused on scenery instead of incomplete coasters. A better copy-paste tool for the tile inspector also got some attention lately, so expect some improvements over the coming years.

For the view improvements, number 2 (#1734) and 5 have been suggested before, and I think the same holds for 1. Locking the cut away view window looks like something trivial to add. I might even give it a shot someday.

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Hey guys, love the game and really appreciate all the improvements made by this community! I've been playing RCTClassic and OpenRCT2 nonstop for about 6 months, and I have a few game play improvements I want to suggest.

Quality of Life

1. Randomize the color of shop items (hats, balloons, shirts, umbrellas) when placing a new shop, instead of always defaulting to red (toggle on/off in settings). 

2. When placing no-entry signs, have them default to "no-entry" mode (toggle on/off in settings). I like to make long path loops where flow only moves in one direction, and that works best with a no-entry sign on every tile. This would be extremely helpful.

3. Allow users to drop rides that they do not want in the menu. (sometimes there are way too many shops in the menu, and I'd like to clear some out to save space on the screen)

4. Allow users to raise land below an existing path/ride. This way we could easily place rides/paths underground by first placing the ride/paths and then raising the ground above it.

5. Allow users to place multiple shops at a time by holding "ctrl" or another hotkey.


Scenario Creation - Mostly to make scenarios more difficult, creative, and interesting

1. Allow the creator to specify guest attributes with more precision, instead of "guests prefer more intense rides". 

2. Allow creators to specify guests nausea tolerance, and ride preference. (I think it would be interesting to make a scenario where guests loved high-intensity, high-nausea rides, but had a super low nausea tolerance).

3. Allow creators to specify more granular pass/fail conditions. (i.e. cannot have more than 5% of guests thinking "this path is disgusting")

4. Make it so rides disappear from the options menu over time - can spend money to make this not happen.

5. Allow creators to change the probability of ride crashes.

6. Allow creators to change how easily guests mood's change (i.e. how quickly they become angry enough to vandalize).

7. Allow angry guests the ability to "vandalize" rides (i.e. cause rides to break-down if enough angry guests are near them)

8. Give handymen the ability to create scenery ( i.e. they walk on grass and afterwards a random piece of scenery appears - similar to how they mow grass)

9. Allow the creator the ability to specify staff wage costs.


Those are a few, I'm not sure how difficult any of these would be to incorporate into the code, or if anyone else would find these valuable. But just something to think about! Thank you all so much for dedicating your time and energy making an already great game even better!

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