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feature request: snow weather


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14 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

I have no idea what to ask there

Just write a brief description of the feature, suggestion, bug, or whatever. You may want to include the link to the old issue for context. If you report a bug make sure you specify the version of the game you are using and the steps needed to reproduce it, otherwise the bug report is of little use.

4 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

why is it made and not added?

From what I can tell, the guy who made it submitted a PR, but there were issues, and he ended up deleting it instead of fixing them. It's sometimes the case that a PR is submitted, but there are problems (e.g it doesn't merge cleanly with develop, doesn't compile on all platforms, etc), and can't be merged straight away. I had a feature I implemented to let you change the speed of powered rides, which was never merged because I messed up the rebase and never got around to creating a new PR.

8 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

Can you ask a developer if he can add it?

As far as I can tell, the guy who submitted it later deleted the code (not sure why), and it was not suitable for merging in its current state anyway. If it was just a matter of merging it, that would have been done back then, there was still more work required. Also, this was in 2016, and the codebase has changed a lot since then (back then it was mostly C, it's now C++), so a refactor would likely be required.

Also, I am no more capable of asking the developers things as you are.

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I don't plan to implement this right now - I have my own feature that I'm working on at the moment and it's likely to be a while before I'm done with that. This doesn't look like an especially difficult thing to do though, especially as the game apparently already has the snow sprite. Maybe when I'm done with the custom track I could have a look at it (and resubmit my old code for the powered ride cheat).

I can see the issue you opened but it was closed as a duplicate. Sorry about that, I told you it wasn't a duplicate because the issue I found had been closed,  but there was an even earlier open issue from 2015 that I'd missed.

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