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3 hours ago, jessicajones said:

I downloaded them but to what folder of openrct2 or rollercoaster tycoon 2 do I need to copy those?

Go to the red toolbox, select on "Open custom content folder", and it should direct you to the correct place. On Windows this will be Documents/OpenRCT2/object, and on Linux it's ~/.config/OpenRCT2/object.

3 hours ago, jessicajones said:

I'm not a developer and I can't make a program of the source code. Is this program available somewhere to download?

I wrote that program. Why can't you compile it? Do you get any errors? Are there files missing? Or do you have a binary that just crashes? That program was never quite finished, and is a buggy mess, so I wouldn't be surprised if it just segfaults on you, honestly, but I know that it has been successfully used by SpaceK (and me, of course). Also, the renderer is pretty poor quality - you're probably better off using Oli414's Blender addon instead.

The link you posted is the only download link I have for that program (I post all my stuff on Github). It should contain all the source code, and if stuff is missing I can try to fix it but honestly it's been years since I've looked at it and I'm currently in the process of writing a new version.

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I don't know how to compile things because I never did that.


If it's possible, can you send me a exe for windows? Even if it's not working perfctly I want to try.

Do you have a link for the blender plugin too?


I'm also interested in the new version. Please send me a message when it's ready!

I have no experience making rides but I want to learn. It's like a dream come true because I always wanted to do this in the 90s when I didn't even had internet or any information on how to do this!


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1 minute ago, jessicajones said:

If it's possible, can you send me a exe for windows?

I don't have an executable for Windows because I don't use Windows - I only have a Linux executable. If you want a Windows binary, your best bet is to ask @Spacek because I know he has compiled this program for Windows.

SpaceK has also written a guide on how to compile the program and general use of the tool here. The compilation process is much easier on Linux, Windows is a pain in the ass. I had originally planned for the program to be easier to use, but as I said, it was never finished and became too buggy to continue working on. The rewrite has been long overdue, but has barely started and probably won't be done for a while. I am also working on custom RMC track and an updated RMC train model which is taking up most of my time at the moment. The new version will probably be more basic, but less buggy and with much higher quality output. As I did with the original tool, I'll probably add functionality as I need it.

This is the alternative tool to which I referred - https://github.com/oli414/Blender-RCT-Graphics. It only renders the graphics (it won't create a DAT), but it does a much better job of it, and with OpenRCT2's support for JSON objects, you don't actually need to create a DAT file to get them in the game.

As a side note, if you are unable to get a suitable tool running, you can send me your 3D models and I can make them into a custom object on my end.

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