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installing in android

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4 hours ago, owowoncue said:

Let's work with RCT Classic and OpenRCT2, it will work for Android and IOS.

OpenRCT2 can work with the asset files from RCT Classic but you'll still have to copy them to the right location for it to find them. Also, some RCT Classic assets can't be loaded - see the wiki page. OpenRCT2 supports Android but not iOS (at least not officially - I did see someone who got it running on iOS a few years ago but you will have to have a rooted device and compile it yourself).


4 hours ago, owowoncue said:

RCT Classic is 100% stable for touchscreens. So we don't have to worry about touchscreens.

The issue with touchscreens and OpenRCT2 is that OpenRCT2's interface is designed for a mouse and is difficult to use with a touchscreen (unlike RCT Classic which was made for mobile). It's not that it won't work with a touchscreen, but you'll probably find it frustrating to use. Most will prefer RCT Classic on mobile devices, however, nothing stops you from installing both if you want.


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