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Option to set station speed to be faster


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On roller coasters, the maximum speed traveling in a station (excluding station starts) is a puny 18MPH.    With the original this wasn't much of a problem, but 31 car long trains in OpenRTC2 make this incredibly sluggish.

Concererns for safety aside, it would be nice to be able to increase this to something a little faster.  It should not accelerate faster unless you have boosters (for obvious reasons) but instead should slowly speed up until you hit the adjusted limit, or where the friction exceeds the current velocity.   Likewise, it shouldn't slow down the car coming in below the set speed, until the car stops.

Treating the individual station pieces like adjustable speed breaks could allow users to let cars barrel into the station and smoothly stop on the last 4-8 pieces, greatly reducing time rolling into the station.   

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If you make the station much shorter than the train, the train will only slow down near the end. Use cheats to allow trains to be longer than the station. I used this to build a mountain snake coaster in one of the group parks, I think it was number four.

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