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Cheat menu doesn't show text

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Hello person reading this,

A couple of months ago I installed OpenRCT2. 
All this time the cheat menu doesn't show text (to see it, click the link below). It does work though, if you know what button you are clicking. 

Does someone know how to fix this issue?
Would like to hear your solution!


Greetings, Emiel

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On 31/10/2019 at 20:38, Gymnasiast said:

Also: which version of OpenRCT2 are you running?

Sorry for the late reply!

I am running 0.2.4 on Windows (x86)

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On 31/10/2019 at 14:41, jensj12 said:

Just to check, what language, drawing engine and theme are you using? Switching one of them might make a difference.

Thanks, found it: it was the wrong theme.


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