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Invisible Rides and Shops, Guests are not on rides

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Hello, everyone,

While I was playing my save on the park, Wacky Warren, I noticed that the rides disappeared, guests were riding on them somehow, and that there were 0 rides and stalls on the overall attraction list.

I have attached the save where I encountered this and a screenshot of this. I did use cheats in the save, so, I don't know if that has anything to do with this.

Game version: v0.2.3-185 (d730a76 / develop) x64


WW 2019-02-06 (broken).sv6

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Had to insert game version.
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15 hours ago, jensj12 said:

Are any other parks affected by the same issue?

(Missing images often have to do with object files not being loaded properly, but that doesn't explain the empty ride list.)

No, this is the only save that is affected by this. The other saves run just fine with the rides showing.


2 hours ago, Timmy said:

seems like you lost all the savegames that were saved in this critical 24hrs with the fail version.... still not fixed, maybe unfixable

I checked the autosaves (I don't remember how often I had it set to save) and they were affected by it as well.

If need be, I can just restart the park.

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