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  1. Hi all, can someone explain me the requirements for heightmap files? when i want to load them no landscape appears.. just nothing happens.. just a few pics i loaded random from google images work.. what makes it fail?
  2. cant find anything about that in this^^ i've activated all expansions of rct1, works fine, but this feature just isn't there
  3. Hi everyone! is there a possibility to enable the LL feature that gave you the option to choose path supports, colors and railings in rct2?
  4. one of my first attempts on using more own roof and wall scenery instead the standard entrances etc..
  5. seems like you lost all the savegames that were saved in this critical 24hrs with the fail version.... still not fixed, maybe unfixable
  6. ok the whole game is broke now. you can't load any savegame, that you saved yesterday, today or now.. -.-
  7. yes! all savegames from 8.8.2019 are broke :((( pls help
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