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Fuery Trojan detected

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I’m aware that openrct is known to be dedected as a virus but I’m curious as to why my computer picked up on a specific trojan called “Fuery” in the download? After some research, I’ve found that this is a specifically known trojan so why would this mod be detected under that classification? There was also a second detection for another one by the name of “Unwaders”. My computer was noticibly slower and I just all together removed the download and quarantined the two trojans due to hesitation and concern. I would appreciate some insight!

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Virusses are constantly evolving, so antivirus scanners apply some heuristics to check whether a program looks or behaves a bit like a known virus. That’s why your AV comes with the name of a virus, but that doesn’t alsways mean it’s a virus (but sometimes, it is). If downloading OpenRCT2 affected your overall computer performance, it was your AV that ran in the background as OpenRCT2 wasn’t even running.

It's up to you if you trust OpenRCT2, you can look through the source code on GitHub. 

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