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Accessing Older Autosaves

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I've just started playing OpenRCT2 on my Mac, and was wondering if there's any way of accessing older autosaves. I was on Year 3 on a scenario which was being autosaved automatically. I opened a sandbox park to build a roller coaster to later place in the scenario, but when I was on the sandbox park, it autosaved several times, and now my old ones are gone. Just wondering if there's a way of getting them back?

Thanks all!

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The autosave folder is not backed up automatically, so make sure to save your parks! Autosave is mainly intended to not loose changes when the game crashes, not to automatically save the game for you.

Earlier this week a new option was added that increases the number of autosaves to keep. This is 10 by default, but you can set it as high as you want. Note that this could potentially take up a lot of space on your hard disk.

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