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Better night mode and lights?


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So I really like the idea of night mode. But right now it doesn't really work as well as it probably should (or could).

The real difference between day and nighttime right now only is a colour filter from normal to a darker blue, which seems nice, but it makes it look like it's always full moon, which doesn't make sense at all. Also the shift between day and night happens way too fast and is unrealistic (I know, a day in RCT2 only takes like 25 seconds but let's just ignore that).

It would probably look alot better if it instead became actually darker (or instead of a blue filter it would use a black one). The lights at night seem to be not working as well, too. Most of them don't even show when I turn the map into two of the four directions. And the flickering is also kind of weird. I know that OpenRCT2's engine probably can't handle a super realistic night and light system but it could be much better that it is right now.

(If anybody has mentioned this already, I'm sorry.)

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Yeah, it’s just a gimmick at the moment (which means it is provided as-is and may or may not function properly). Improvements would indeed be nice, but there are things that have a higher priority. If you really need it to be improved soon, code it yourself and submit a PR.

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