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can't find custom content in game

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Can anyone help me with the following...?

I recently installed some cc (rides, etc) to the objdata file. When the game is launched I cannot find this cc anywhere. I have made sure the custom option is ticked on the scenario editor options, etc yet nothing. I have read similar forums but none of the answers seem to help. Can anyone suggest I do anything different?

Many Thanks

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5 hours ago, mky1790 said:

I recently installed some cc (rides, etc) to the objdata file.

OpenRCT2 doesn't load custom objects from the ObjData file, only vanilla objects. Custom objects should be placed in the OpenRCT2/object directory instead (I think this is created automatically now, but if it does not exist, create it yourself).

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You can just click the Red toolbox and choose 'Open custom content directory'. In the window that opens, navigate to "object" and put your stuff there.

As X7 pointed out: OpenRCT2 will not load custom objects from RCT2's ObjData folder.

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