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Roman Holiday; a 25 x 25 Micro Park


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Recently, I noticed there was a trend starting with Microparks and decided to give my take on a micropark a shot; This is Roman Holiday, a 25 x 25 park themed to Rome.


It has 5 rides and several stalls all tightly interwoven between buildings and water elements.


My goal for the park was to create something tightly wrapped together while still aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Although there's several things I feel I could have done differently, overall I'm extraordinarily content with how the park turned out.


Its simple layout is quite effective in getting peeps across the park and into the various rides, with facilities placed in locations that allow for easy access.


Something in Microparks that I've noticed is that a lot of them don't tend to mess with water; given the nature of the Roman Theme, I feel that not playing around with water in this would have been a crime.


This vertical drop Dive Machine coaster is called Amphisbaena, themed to the mythical two headed flying serpent. It features 2 vertical drives, three inversions (one of which dives you under the coaster's station building), and a splashdown. Despite it's somewhat short looking layout, it interacts with several other rides throughout the park and stands out with it's teal and red color scheme. Had I had more room to work with, I would have loved to continue the custom support work, but I found that I just never had enough room to do what I want. Overall I'm still content with how it looks; it's incredibly photogenic.


Rising above the park's gift shop and in between several parts of Amphisbaena is The Chariot, a simple ferris wheel that provides a unique perspective of the park. It also features a unique queue building themed after a typical barracks.


The park's Rainbow ride, nestled away in a corner behind Amphisbaena's splashdown, is called Gladiator, and themed after token gladiator battles throughout ancient Rome. It offers a neat view of Amphisbaena's Immelman and the park's river rapids.


In another corner of the park is a Spider ride themed after the God Mercury, who's taking flight to deliver his message and brings you along for the journey. While not the most thrilling ride at the park, it's located in a breathtaking area near the park's waterfalls.


Finally, there's the park's rapid ride; the Tiber River Rapids. It sprawls throughout the front of the park, passing by several of the rides and even dueling under the bridge with Amphisbaena. Overall, this was a fun challenge and I hope you all enjoy my park as much as I enjoyed working on it!

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