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Guide: How to reduce your intensity rating

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Are the limits at 2:32 for all track types (coaster types)?


Useful video - still spend a lot of time ironing out problems with rides going too fast (hence being too extreme) or too slow (hence stalling) through certain elements. If anyone has any other tips for pacing coasters and getting them right first time please share!


The biggest problems can be terrain / space impacts and getting them back to the station (actually getting the track to join in a way that works if you've given yourself any such problems with the speed)- sometimes gets tricky to make everything work :)


On one or two coaster types where as you say it seems to let you dip a bit into the red for the forces without giving you red ride stats I've experimented and sometimes you don't seem too able to avoid this- maybe Chris made a couple of rides a bit more flexible due to it being harder to keep the stats down, perhaps due to the game code (I've noticed sometimes that changes don't always impact the stats at all, so there could be the odd case where the flexibility was put in due to some limits of the code) or maybe it's the time they are in the red, when I've got away with it watching the stats it's only been very briefly, so maybe it was designed to not be too fussy so you don't spend hours solving something relatively minor gameplay wise.


Alternatively it may allow a small range beyond the limit as the tests are randomized for the variations you get for guest weight with open rides (I think, as you get slightly different results sometimes testing the same ride), so it may allow for this as a kind of margin of error.


The intensity for number of inversions logic is a bit flawed- I guess you probably couldn't recreate a many-inversion coaster like The Smiler as it would be too intense (The Smiler has 14 inversions) - or is there a way you can do this (without the intensity cheats), maybe with a coaster type with a low base intensity? If not maybe something for the open RCT devs to consider- how to make the game more realistic in this sense, although assessing if it's a comfortably paced run of inversions might be tricky.

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