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Feedback: Possible to increase the limit on # of Rides?

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I love OpenRCT.  I have been playing now for like 3 weeks straight since I got.  Its been a while but Im glad to see my passion for the game is around.  I saw in the overviews of OpenRCT about increases to limits.  I am questioning a specific limit I did not see an ability to increase and that is the limit of rides, attractions, and stalls allowed in the park.  I believe the max is 350.  It is possible with the current OpenRCT to increase this?  If not, is it possible as the developers continue to develop OpenRCT to include a fix to increase this limit?  I would love to know what fellow RCT enthusiasts think about this.  


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3 hours ago, NightHawk said:

A whisper in the distance

"New save file formattttt"

I heard that. That's another 3 months.


Yes, rides/stalls is limited by the save format. The maximum is 255. Yes, we plan to address it.

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