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Cannot load Saved Games

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I used the search function but did not find anything regarding my problem. Sorry if this is a known issue. I'm experiencing it only since about an hour or so.

I'm using OpenRCT2 v0.2.1 on a Macbook with HighSierra installed. Everything worked fine, until since today I cannot open my Saved or Downloaded files anymore. I just left click on the mouse but it does'nt react. After loading a saved game from the file system browser it just goes back to the title screen again.

Strangely enough, the built-in scenarios, scenario editor and track editor load just fine. Is there something I'm missing, or this a bug?

I added a short video of the phenomenon to clarify what I'm experiencing.

Thanks a lot!


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Looks like a load failure that doesn't show a proper error message on-screen. Could you try running OpenRCT2 from the command line? It might print out some messages.

  • Open Terminal
  • Type `open /Applications/OpenRCT2.app` (without the quotes) and press Enter.
  • Try loading the save
  • Copy and paste the output here
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