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Gfx_Load_g1 Error

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Hey, Im having a loading issue, It says im missing the G1.dat but its clearly in the data file, I also read a lot of the other bug reports of this issue and attempted the other fixes but still having issues. Any help means a lot thanks.




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Have you tried changing the double backslashes to single backslashes? The game doesn't seem to recognize the slashes at all. 

The other option is to delete/rename the config file and let the game ask for the RCT2 path (or most likely, auto-detect RCT2).

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i ended up solving the issue, just the post limite made it hard to reply and kinda forgot to say i solved it 🙂

5 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

The end quotes on game_path are missing in the config.ini file. If you add those, it should work. Otherwise, try Jens' solution.

I basically did this but fixed the path location. Thanks for all the help this can be closed.

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