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Better Underground/Inside view (or workaround)


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Recently, I've started making my stations with custom internal details, such as multiple "lanes" and gates that line up with the rows on the coaster cars, as seen in most IRL stations (as far as I'm aware). Since I didn't want to hide everything inside, I left big holes in the walls and roof to allow you to see in from at least one camera angle. I then remembered the "Underground/Inside View" option, and wanted to see if I could use that to see inside the station when I wanted to, while still having walls and a roof for an outside view. However, I discovered that particular view option only hides scenery objects classed as "walls" (with the clearance being the edge of a tile). So, I was wondering if certain scenery objects could be marked as "roof objects", which would hide with the inside view selected. I understand that this would 99.9% likely require the new save format, but it's something I would like to see.

Thinking about this, I wondered if you could get around the issue by making a roof object and giving it the clearance of a wall. Naturally, this would lead to funky placement results, but it *should* cause the object to hide with the inside view enabled. Now, I haven't made any custom scenery myself so I don't know if it's possible, but if it isn't I'd like to know why. I suspect there may be an issue with cutoff.

If this is possible as a workaround, I may want to download some object editor program and try this. If anyone else wants to use them (or even make them themselves), please say.

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Take a look at cut-away view in the dropdown from the viewing options top toolbar button (click and hold to see dropdown). That allows you to simply cut the world along a horizontal or vertical (axis-aligned) plane. For example, if the floor is at 6m and the roof at 12m, you can hide all objects higher than 10.5m to view inside the building. Walls can be cut away in a similar manner.

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