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Black Screen/Lockup when I minimize...

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When I'm in game, if I minimize the game, when I maximize again, the game give me a black screen, and I can't do anything else!  (Not sure if this has already been reported, or if anyone else is having this problem...) 

I note that if I'm in the main menu, I can minimize fine!

Atm, I'll just avoid this issue by not minimizing... :D

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If i start my game windowed, the game window opens blank with only the window border showing, but i hear the theme music. Only after i wait for a few moments, or minimize the window and reopen the window, can i see the games graphics. I wonder if my problem is related, i use windows vista 32-bit. Anyway, i guess i might report this at github.com.

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@joshmarsilio The game is most likely rebuilding the objects cache, which means you just have to wait some time. It doesn't happen at every game startup. There is already an issue about that on github to make it more visible to the player. It has nothing to do with the issue in this thread.

@Xzenox7 Thanks, that made me reproduce it! Using fullscreen with software (hardware display) and alt-tabbing in and out gave me a black screen as well. Waiting some time fixed it (looked like it crashed in the meantime, with winxp-style top bar partly visible). No difference between main menu and in-game for me, minimize fullscreen on focus loss was enabled.

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I kinda have the same problem when I alt+tab to swich windows. When I go back it's all black, only audio. I tried waiting several minutes but it doesnt come back. I had an older version of OpenRCT2 and it worked just fine. I now downloaded the newest version 0.2.6 and it f*cks up if i toggle windows. Any fix for this? Thanks in advance.

Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bits.

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