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saving a wooden coaster with lim coaster cars caused an issue

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I had made a simple wooden coaster that used LIM coaster cars (and a longer-than-normal train) because I wanted to see what would happen if I loaded it in RCT3. However, when I saved it, the game crashed. Then I went to check the track designs manager to see if it saved properly; another crash happened. Then went I went to load it in an actual park, the game didn't crash, but when I went to place the ride, this appeared: 66ccab10d3b63e15abe038b9bb08d072.png

Other images:

Original ride: (the steep part of the first hill has chains on it)48eea535cd9299053d097c7812e4d96e.png

Ride placement preview: b46593a1c6d7b2f36b4da176959a968b.png

Design selection window preview (I didn't save any scenery with the ride):


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