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Cant add trains or cars beyond minimum

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I've had this issue with two parks now. in one park i built a go kart track with two station units and could only fit one kart, then when I rebuilt the track to extend the station, it still only allowed me to have one kart no matter what i did. I started a new game in another park and built a custom wooden coaster, when i went to test it, the train was 2 cars long and only had one train despite the fact that I made it a block sectioned coaster to fit more trains. Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix? Ive been trying different settings but nothing has worked so far.

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Experiencing this issue also. It won’t allow me to edit the number of trains or cars at all on any ride. The values are frozen. This is on custom made or already existing rides - it simply does not allow you to change the train or cars value.

before anybody answers with the generic is it block sectioned etc - this issue was evident on a go kart track whether custom made or building an existing model only one kart was allowed and the value can’t be altered.

hoping some bright spark has a fix for this :) 

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Just starting using OpenRCT today and was running into this, as well. Even enabling the cheat to allow unrestricted train and car values did not resolve this, as I could not make it exceed the default. This resulted in the inability to have more than one train, at all, or increase the existing train's length.

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8 hours ago, Sketchit said:

I just went back a few builds in order to see if this is a recent issue, and found that it was not occurring in the builds that are about a day old. I started using this build, now, and am able to edit the trains beyond their default values.

This worked for me too - wonder what changes were made between that older file and the present one... Thanks dude

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