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Special programming for already existing custom rides


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Amazing Earl's Tilted Whirler (=Tilt-A-Whirl) should also have a higher excitement rating.

Ilmgk's 4 platform flat thrill rides should have more appropriate vehicles—somebody should soon look into that...  Those caged Enterprise cars SHOULD NOT have gotten on the Flying Bobs (=Thunder Bolt/Music Festival/Matterhorn) ride, while sleigh-like ones should be on the Caterpillar (=Music Express/Himalaya/Polar Express) ride.


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These rides are custom content and devs are not responsible for them having wrong stats or wrong images. There is however a new object format that may allow custom stats in the future (in fact, that may be a good suggestion).

It is possible to edit the stats of a ride in-game, but these are gone once the game recalculates them. There is a way to prevent that, using a ride hacked ride that makes the rating calculation hang forever.

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