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An intro . . . and compliment.

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Hey guys, I'm wingnut707. I've been playing ORCT2 for a while now (about a year to this day), but never thought about posting on the forums.

I grew up playing the original RCT. Of course, I was horrible at it, but what did you expect? I loved every bit of that game, especially the intro. I get flashbacks to the early years when I hear the music. So, years go by and RCT had not been touched in years. Then, in 2015, while I was digging through storage, I found the old CD-rom hiding in there. I wondered to myself, Gee, would this work on my Mac? It's been so long. So I downloaded Wine, and sure enough, it worked!

Naturally, I was hooked. As I got better and better at the game, I saw some amazing builds online. (And I thought I was good.) One of them was linked to a game called OpenRCT2. So I figured, hell, why not download it? I'm not missing that much, am I? Turns out I was wrong. REALLY wrong. I was missing out on cheats, custom scenery, cluster scenery, and everything that makes this game so good. It combines the best of RCT1 and the best of RCT2.

So to the developers and moderators: Thank you for providing me with something to do when I'm bored. Super grateful for all the work you've put in.

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