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Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss


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Background: I'm a bit bored with building flat parks, then I decided to find a heightmap to build a park from. Finally found it and it has become a nice little park, built to the landscape. Located somewhere in the low Alps of Swiss, hence Alpunta, from "Alpine" and "Punta", the park incorporates Swiss' major languages. The park have it's own zone of French, German, and Italian language plus a monorail that goes around the park named in Romansh. Kiosk and stalls also named accordingly to where they are.

Below are the progression of the park when I'm still thinking a good name for it. Save included below. The park is nearly completion due to it's small size and forbidden building zones (like the snows). Enjoy!

Early part


A very tall Gyro Tower and early form of the wooden coaster.


Cottages for people to live in and stay at night!


German part monorail station WIP5aa34b005de87_Highlanders2018-03-0321-24-59.thumb.png.2f0498a888705334af934740e62c6b7d.png

The trail section of Italian part....


The current condition of the park. A lake high in the mountains surrounded by amusement park but still have the thrill of nature


What do you think about this park?


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Oops :P

Of course the park needs an Alpine Bob so here it is in the Italian zone!


Added a what supposed to be hybrid wild mouse coaster (wooden track with steel support). Uses wooden coaster cars because it has more capacity and fits nicely IMO


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Maybe after 2 or 3 rides this park is prettu much finished. It's designed to be a small natural park, but anyways. I built a Twister coaster in the French area and tried to keep it compact relative to the track shape. No supports yet though. Then in the valley in the Italian zone, I built a vintage cars with a name of "Small Stelvio Pass" in Italian. Also I put flag flowers around the park to represent each areas.

The save file is also here for those who wants to see around :)

I would like to rename the staffs to each zone's naming way but give time alright ;)


Alpunta 2018-04-05 18-35-51.png

Alpunta 2018-04-12 18-24-34.png

Alpunta 2018-04-12 18-27-19.png

Alpunta 2018-04-12 18-29-36.png

Alpunta 2018-04-12 18-31-15.png


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Looking good!

Two suggestions:

  1. I would try to find other colours for the twister coaster in the French area though as it stands out a bit too much now. You could also try to compensate for it being so bright with something else or accent the fact it's so bright by making it look bigger with custom supports and such.
  2. The Cherry blossom trees are usually pretty rare, especially in the theme you want to place them.  Use them only very rarely or make a specific location a park/pathway with cherry blossoms. Now they do add more colour to the entire park but they also break the theme you want to set for your guests.
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More update. I did the supports for coaster, extra aesthethics for French monorail station, not sure if it looks good but it looks realistic enough. Removed some flat rides from German area as it's too concentrated there, moved it into other regions. I replace lots of cherry tree, then realising Silver Birch tree is actually pretty common in the region so that's the replacement.

Changed the staffs name according to their region!


Alpunta 2018-04-18 11-07-46.png

Alpunta 2018-04-18 11-07-57.png

Alpunta 2018-04-18 11-08-05.png

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