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SpiffyJacks Scrapyard...

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4 hours ago, Deurklink said:

Ok i think maybe you need to start selecting your favourites... I mean now you're just posting same maps often, but with extra trees :P Or maybe put different versions of the same map together in one post.

I understand your point... But.

One mans junk is another mans treasure! I have to start somewhere. There will be variations off the original for sure. Someone may want bare bones, and someone may want a little more of the same, I don't know.. I have hundreds of maps and up to 20 variations of each but the content is different. I've junked many so far.. Some just plain ..... and others to the point of actually creating Rainbow Bridge where you can build above and below the map :D ..! I'm just sifting through the stack as I go... But I did call this a Scrapyard and I just have stuff to scrap. Take it or leave it. rainbow-bridge-national.jpg.d0e4d73af2ee244ea5b1bf5da6ec2fa4.jpg

Rainbow Bridge 

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That scorpion's seriously cool. Are you ok with people turning your maps into actual 'with rides' scenarios and sharing them- obviously with crediting the land map to your good self. And I love coasters too much too- some of my parks end up a maze/mesh of track like a few of yours. Without the drinks!


But if you've ever done Blackpool you know closely woven rides are a lot of fun, coaster track's like trees and nature to adrenaline fans! I'd have no objections to this much coaster track in any park!


Update: have started turning your Scorpion Bay map into a playable scenario, with some scenery easter eggs and scorpions!, hope you still check the forums and will be ok with me sharing it- let me know

Update to update: rereads op, answers usage question, thank you (I'd got distracted by all the great designs!) so yay I can share it.


Watch this scorpion, it's released soon...

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