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I'm starting this post to basically unload years of designs. Some will be really cool, some will be cutting edge and some will make you scratch you head and grab another beer. Content will range from custom tracks, custom track with scenery, maps and scenarios ranging from super easy and fun to OMG run to your mommy crying cause you ain't worthy... Its all good, don't be scared :D 

This is not content to be commented on per-say... To be honest I'm going to use this topic to clean out my library in house. Once it's posted here I may or may not burn to disk and shelf, or simply vaporize. You can download it as offered or not. I will at this moment authorize ANY and ALL maps/scenarios to be used, modified and used, along with any content offered to be used as you wish now and in the future as you wish. If any of my original designs get used and published on NEDESIGNS or other sites, I wish for credit to given where credit is due! simple.

Thank you.  

content to be added soon. Only because I get curious, if you happen to download something, please leave a Like or Upvote or something so I might include more of the same stuff.

Also there will be no rhyme or reason as to the order that anything gets posted. :D 

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15 minutes ago, Deurklink said:

Wow i sure need Jack Daniels to even look at some of these parks :P

right!? :D there was a time when these were actually finished to be called finished, then they got busy. the main point of these is to steal track designs and maps. Most maps owned and i'll find the scenarios soon enough to follow.  

Also you might notice some of my names match some original park names because it was a long time ago and I always screwed up naming new scenarios.. lol


Rollercoaster Heaven Simulation 1 r34.sv6

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