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Broken spawn on Amity Airfield

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Running on version: 0.1.2 build 61dfb3d

while playing scenario Amity Airfield in multiplayer
sometimes the spawn changed it's location a half field to the side and a half outwards every time we try to play together.
Also my server crashes a few  times on this maps.

This changed spawn leads to people just standing there ontop of each other and unable to move...
I think they may be able to go out of the map again, sometimes it looks like they despawn again.

we needed to skip this scenario. This error appear randomly...
I may be able to reproduce this errors, and uplaod logs and screenshots.

On other maps the spawn point works fine, the whole game.
Now playing: Fungus woods

The latest version (0.1.2 build 61dfb3d) keeps crashing my server...
for me, the last known good is: 0.1.2 build 3dd98c7 (a few later builds, too)
(playing scenarios over a long time without any problem)

server crashed, while a client tries to tear off his wooden roller coaster.
may be a bug in new netversion 0.1.2-26, the old 0.1.2-24 works well. (?)

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When it crashes, does it create a dumpfile?

If not, when the game is frozen, can you right-click on the activitiy in task manager and create one? then upload it so we can examine it


Edit: You can change the spawn location with sandbox cheat & use the map

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I just pushed a fix for Amity Airfield.

The problem is as follows: the scenario has people enter from a corner. To adjust this, I had added 16 to the y coordinate. So far so good, but it did not only apply this when starting the scenario, but every time the save was loaded! I have now pushed a better fix.

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