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Hello :)


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Hi everyone ! :D

So, I'm a huge fan of RCT1 since I discovered & played its first demo before it was even released (I played it A LOT). I'm still as much addicted & fan as first day :)

I love the serie, but the first one... is one of my all-time favorite games ever :D I now own the games on GOG and play them regularly (RCT1, 2 & 3) especially the first one because it's the one I love the most.

I saw some people talking about this project in a good way on GOG... and here I am. I must say it's very interesting & promising, so keep up the good work everyone and thanks to all contributors ;)

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22 hours ago, Deurklink said:

Hello, welcome to our community :) Feel free to ask any questions or show off your parks.


Okay, thanks :)

I saw a bit the park you're doing on a moon theme... Mines are a lot more messy and chaotic, I'm not sure it's really worth it to show them xD But maybe one day, why not :)

3 hours ago, saxman1089 said:


Thank you :D

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