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Hey guys! So... A long time ago i downloaded OpenRCT2 and in that time, i had problems with my antivirus (I used avast, and i'm using it). When i try to download it, Avast jumps shouting saying that the program has a virus called "Wn32-Emo.gn" and "Win32-Malware-gen" or somethng like that, and a bunch more of warnings like "IDP.Generic". I don't know if the game REALLY has viruses, but i want to play and i'm really worried. Thanks!

SCREENSHOTS (I'm sorry, i talk in spanish):




(Two different files?) (In the text says: "We moved the file [FILE] to the Virus Chest because it was infected with [VIRUS])




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Rest assured that there is no virus. Avast has a bad heuristic for finding threads, resulting in many false positive. It looks like you're using Windows 7, which I think has Windows Defender, which you can use instead of Avast.

If you want to keep using Avast, you'll have to add OpenRCT2 to a whitelist somewhere in the settings window of Avast.

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