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Moving Scenery Objects from Tab to Tab


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What do you all think about adding a tool to the object selector which can move objects from one tab to another? Meaning that if you add objects to a bench and they pop into the "?" tab, you can move them into a more appropriate scenery tab? 

On a related note, can a search box be added to the scenery window? When you have lots of different custom scenery objects, it's often hard to find the object you're looking for. I'd imagine it would be implemented similarly to the search box in the object selection tool.

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Sounds handy, but I have no idea if this will be easy to implement. As far as I know, tabs are objects too with a list of objects they contain. Changing this will also change them for other parks.

About the search option: That has been on my todo list for waaaay too long >.>

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