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having problems with .td6 files from RCTgo

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Hi all,


I mentioned this in a thread below - but there were many questions in that thread so I decided to make a new thread with one, specific question.


So if you go to the RCTgo website and download the Black Spirax(for example) ride for RCT (which has no custom scenery and requires no expansion packs) and take this file and then place it in the documents/openrct/tracks folder and then run openrct this ride will not show up in the ride designed or the design manager lists.

If I try to import the ride via the manager, the ride shows up in the install list, but when I select it and click install, I see the following:

A dialog box appear asking me to select a new name because this name already exists in the list (even though it does *not* show up in the list of rides to be opend in the designer.


So I make a new name and click okay./confirm.


Then I see a message that states "Can't save track design..."

I get this for every td6 file i have tried to load into OpenRCT from this site or any other site.

I am missing a critical step - but I cannot figure out what it is.







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7 hours ago, giraty said:

TR6? RCT2 use TD6 extension. What have you download?

Yes.  My typo.  They are td6 files.


Did you go to the rctgo website and download one of the td6 files and try to install it?

I cannot make any of the TD6 files work on openRCT even if they clearly indicate that they require only the vanila RCT2.


Again, most sorry for the typo and thank for pointing it out.

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