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Screenshot Location? /New Member

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Hello Everyone. I actually am in the process of beating the First RCT. It was a favorite of mine as a young lad. I am now closing in on 30 (Hard to say that, though age doesn't bother me) 

I have stumbled across this program/forum as per a couple mentions in the steam reviews of RCT2 and am intrigued and impressed by the launch program and how 1080p has been implemented. 

To take a screenshot as per the controls guide (CTRL + S) Which I am not sure if the keybind is actually working, I have yet to stumble across the actual capture of the screenshot. Is there a certain location they are stored? I have the program installed on a secondary drive (the game is also) and have checked inside the folder I created for the executable of OpenRCT2. 


Any  Ideas? 



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I have the same folder setup as Deurk. I abuse the CTRL+S keys a lot nowadays, and a lot of the time, I have missclicks and the game does not register that I have taken a screen. It only pops up the staff menu (I guess because the staff menu is keybinded to S). That could be one factor.

Hmmm. Maybe your keybinding is not working? I hope you get this fixed. Because we all know keybinding everything saves just a couple milliseconds. ;)

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