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RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic

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Er.. @MelvinGotze, if I am hearing correctly, RCTC on non-tablet/smartphone is not worth it. I have it on my iPad and it is worth every single penny, but if it is the same exact game for other devices, it is not. Simply because whatever RCTC does, OpenRCT2 does better. :P


Stick with OpenRCT2. That's what I am doing, haha. (I won't complain about smartphone/tablet devices because, like I said, it is worth every penny).

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I first bought the version for the Ipad and was so impressed (I love tycoon games and thought that the transport tycoon port to the ipad left much to be desired over the PC version.

I was so impressed with the IPad port of RCT (i remember when these games were first released and I was at university) - but I never played them as Sim City had its hooks in my at that time.


I have since purchased the GOG version of RCT2 and added all of the RCT content to it and am now trying out OpenRCT.  I find that there are somethings I like on the Ipad better and somethings I like in OpenRCT better.  I find locating people, seeing making certain things transparent (and keeping them that way until it is time to switch them back, being abble to build paths while paused, etc are all more 'easy' or possible on the iPad.

I also find myself wising that I could zoom in more in OpenRCT as I can zoome in much closer on the Ipad, which makes editing certain things better.


but I find repairs and finding things like this better on the non- Ipad versions.




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