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Mini Helicopter Ride Hack

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Has anyone else ever tried to make a mini helicopter ride in a simple loop (to emulate a kiddie ride, see below)? I have done this with countless other rides (car rides, mini roller coasters, etc.) and it usually works just fine. You set the ride to test mode, and the vehicles go around in a circle forever. When I try this with the mini helicopters, as soon as I open the ride the game freezes. Any ideas?

EDIT: The game also crashes if instead of running it I just demolish the ride.


Knoebels Amusement Resort 2017-10-14 17-37-19.png

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14 hours ago, Deurklink said:

You should open an issue in the issue tracker, then it may get solved.

I was going to do this, but I wasn't sure if this would be covered under the developers' main path of work. After all, making sure hacks work seems outside the development of any program.

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