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Quiesent Reef - Island Park


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Amid the group park 7 suggestion, I decided to try to create an island based park. I can't believe I never try to build it after 12 years of playing. So here we go, I present you Quiesent Reef! Located somewhere off the coast of sub-tropical country, an enterpreneur brought a small abandoned island then decided to try to build a theme park. Some early screenshots as he tried to build a base transport and the first coaster...



Then I skipped some years of screenshots, and here we go now on the current condition of the park...

First the bridge to the entrance. Guest will found themselves in a forest-like zone with path going below a rail track with a Carousel to accompany their entrance.


The first mini garden zone features the first railway station and some gentle rides and a junior coaster. This is relax zone to start their journey around the park.


On the left side guest will find a small desert zone with a coaster going around pyramids. Soon after that, another fountain pyramid awaits them on the other side, with a river rapids around it (not completely done with themeing yet). Also a haunted house on the right in the transition zone to main garden, which is covered in thick woods


But if guest turn right under the railway 1st station, they'll found a hilly woods area with a launched freefall complete with a hide and seek coaster, hence the name! One of the most popular ride in the park. After the hilly zone, you'll know why it's an abandoned island. The remnants of a small town now covered with gokarts and a flying coaster. Near water, a gentle ride zone and a water coaster offers guest of a resting place.


Back to the main garden in the middle of the park, a relaxing zone with relaxing rides, and this is the 2nd station of the railway. Note a crooked house on the hilly edge of the garden.



Next to the railway station, a somewhat unique mix of Eastern Asia and medieval Europe zone. There's a old-timers car tour around the castle, along with fields with watering. This area is still under consideration to be expanded more or already finished as it is now.


Next to medieval and abandoned town, lies an abandoned mine, where people used to earn fortune from but the minerals in it soon runs out after just several years. Now modified heavily by our enterpreneur, looks what happens as he designs a small monster duelling coaster.... Also 3rd railway station located here. Just before a steel shuttle coaster, a bridge to the Far End Beach gives guest access to as it's name, the far end of the park.

It's a beach zone with foods, lots of gentle and water rides with Sea World themeing (by permission from Sea World management :P). It's still not finished yet.


and that's how my progress goes until now. How do you think about the park?

Quiesent Reef 2017-10-10 17-50-31.png

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Another free day!

There's a bit of erosion happening at one of the part of the island, the owner had to find a solution to save the railway part around station 4 at it.


As the Far End Beach got a new coaster with a slide incorporated inside it's unique spiral lift hill.


The left side of desert zone is expanded as an expansion of Welcome Garden but it doesn't look like a garden at all, after you see this.


Another duelling coaster is being constructed and safety tested before the opening planned to be around next year or 2 years.

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Another free day!

Creating a "Romance Tunnel" ride which somewhat replicates Tunnel of Love style at the beach near the duelling steel coaster. The area is looking like to be themed around Roman/Classical style. Area has been opened but coaster is yet to be named.




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Next batch of updates! Park nearing 5000 guest already.

On the Far End Beach, one thing is necessarry: Pirate themeing. A pirate's house/tavern ride is now built along the coast and next to the spiral coaster. The mansion ride is named as Pirate Bay. Yeah, what a pun. xD


The two racing steel coasters have been named Hedemora and Hannan, and themeing has been added in the zone, though still not finished yet.


Next to the waterfall pyramid, I can't help to build one of my state-of-art coaster, a hyper-twister roller coaster packed into 14x14 square, resulting into a engineering behemoth. This could win CCC1 had the limit is larger lmao. Guests are amazed by this odd and majestic ride, so they're queuing like crazy.


Now in a connecting path from Far End Beach and castle, there's something curious houses there...


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I got the park updated but due to bad internet, I can't upload pictures now. I'm thinking of a racing-style coaster that becomes the transport around the island, but then the realistic part will be gone because duelling coasters above sea water around an island is not very viable solution in real life. How then I give 5600 guest rides to ride?

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5 hours ago, giraty said:

I got the park updated but due to bad internet, I can't upload pictures now. I'm thinking of a racing-style coaster that becomes the transport around the island, but then the realistic part will be gone because duelling coasters above sea water around an island is not very viable solution in real life. How then I give 5600 guest rides to ride?

The compact orange coaster doesn't really scream 'realism' either 9_9 Just build what you like!

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  • 2 weeks later...



The biggest changes are second transport system with monorails and goes clockwise around the island, compared to railway that goes counter-clockwise.


I don't know will I keep the 3 racing coasters, I'm not satisified with it. In the center is a group park inspired zone, with room to expand with.


The new coasters of Steel Horse and Flesh Horse near the abandoned town. I forgot already why did I put the purple base on the monorail station though lol.


These houses are inspired by traditional Indonesian houses, though it looks way different from them.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have started to run out of ideas with a big empty land still to be filled.....

My usual thing: Winter in a non-winter zone. It's good to give people unusual experience, right....?


The traditional houses area is expanded with 2 new coasters, a launched thrilling one, and a relax one to keep the balance while keeping the trees alive



The new (but old) duelling Giga Coaster, using a little island in the offshores. Note that it drops below sea water at the beginning.

On the top left quarter of the picture is the empty land I aforementioned


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Another update! Park is nearly full now, what a two months it has been. I managed to create park whose ride doesn't tangle each other too much yet still success.

Here is the castle expansion zone, inspired by narrow alleys I once visit in Vienna, and inspired by Macau for the oriental mixture and the narrowness.


Next to it is another garden showcasing different sceneries from around the park in one go. Did I put too much scenery in it?


Then a little jungle hill to pass through from the Giga Coasters to that square garden. This is for reminding people to love the nature wherever you are.


And finally, the save file if you want to look into it! Contains expansion packs and customs but "export plug-ins" is checked.


Quiesent Reef.sv6

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4 hours ago, giraty said:

Hey @Deurklink, are you a motorsport fan? I'm a big motorsport fan myself, pretty much watch many types of races. I watched that too of course, being annual special event, and damage that can't be repaired with selling Quiesent Reef park itself....

I typically only watch formula 1.. Just remembered seeing this video somewhere :D

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Update time! The island is good full now so? Expand to nearby islands orz. You just can't stop when idea started to come.

This was earlier in the week when I tried to build a tramway to the giga coasters island, which guest will able to visit shortly.

The progression of making.



Overview of the tramway earlier


How the islands connection are building up. Now there's boardwalk, chairlift, and ship boat (the track will be hid in the future).


How the station looks now, from 2 angles. Also notice the little park on the right, inspired by a little garden I saw in Budapest


The giga coaster island which I named blatantly bad as "Quiesent Island" condition as of now, and will be turned into jungle and jurassic theme.


Park overview


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Another update! Probably the last or penultimate update of this park. It's full, and the board bridge made peep lost so I lost 600 guests. In the end, I enlarge the map to 254x254 to put a bit realistic entry point, and now there's 2 entraces.


A BM Dive 10 wide coaster at board bridge to give maximum vertical drop experience for the guests.


Hey what's this? Yeah, a bit modified version of the classic RCT1 coaster from Diamond Heights, Doppelganger!


Note that I modified Steel Horse and Flesh Horse a bit to increase capacity of the rides.


And a multi dimension coaster, XX, and the far end of the park, near the 2nd entrance to greet and waves good bye to guest.


I might go for 1 more update before finishing the park for good. Here's the save file for those who wants to explore the park!

Quiesent Reefa.sv6

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Probably the last update for this Quiesent Reef park, shall we celebrate it with a coaster? Yes.

A reminder how tangled the conditions of mother nature lately, so build a tangling twister coaster next to the jungle zone.


Added supports and waters to multi dimension coaster (before I forgot, the name is XX).

Park overview


Enjoy the save file and the rest of the screenshots!

Quiesent Reef.sv6

Quiesent Reef 2017-12-18 23-18-03.png

Quiesent Reef 2017-12-18 23-18-40.png

Quiesent Reef 2017-12-18 23-19-16.png

Quiesent Reef 2017-12-18 23-20-03.png

Quiesent Reef 2017-12-18 23-20-09.png

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