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Improved rendering of zoomed out views


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When zooming out in-game the sprites don't get scaled very nicely (same as the original game). I'm guessing this is because the whole game is currently limited to its 256-color palette, but if it's ever capable of rendering the entire full-resolution map and then scaling it with more color depth and a bilinear or bicubic algorithm the zoomed out views would look so much better. 

For example, here are two screenshots of the same overview of G Force's Westwinds. Top is the in-game view, bottom is a giant screenshot scaled to the same size in Photoshop.




Now, there are some obvious performance implications here. This could easily be just a pipe dream on my part, but I've seen high enough frame rates with the OpenGL renderer to think that it could be possible on a fast enough machine. Anyone else know enough about the drawing engines to comment on the feasibility of this?



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Sounds like that means it's unlikely to happen any time soon.

This gives me a slightly different idea though. It wouldn't be quite as cool, but what if it automatically rendered a high quality view like this when you pause the game while zoomed out? That'd still be a pretty sweet feature.

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