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Hello to all!


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Hello! I've been playing RCT since I was a child, and although I knew OpenRCT2 for a time now it wasn't until recently when I got a new computer and thus I moved part of my RCT2 installation in order to play this version.  One thing I didn't like in the original version is that there was no way to build with the game paused (something avalaible in RCT3), so I greatly appreciate this "cheat". I also enjoy the Mass Destruction server, where I would build a coaster with a few loops and unbanked turns, with a launch speed of 922 km/h (573 mph) and some 41 laps to it.

I'm also studying to become a programmer, so I could help with the code. But for the time being I'll be just playing and making my parks, some with a sort of "motorway"/"freeway" consisting of a couple unidirectional paths next to each other.

Happy playing to all!

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