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Any RCT2 UCES creators around here at all?

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I was one of the members that helped create UCES.

UCES is an expansion set that added a bunch of rides, scenarios, scenery, etc just like an official release would have been.

I was wondering if any of the other people that were on that team hang out around here.

If you don't feel like outing yourself publicly, that's cool. If you could take a moment to send a PM saying hi, that would be cool.

I'm new to OpenRCT2, but I'm getting ready to jump in to it.



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Although I only worked visibly on tracks, more of my dealings were with testing and other usual shenanigans when dealing with a group of people working on a project. I didn't work on any scenarios. I had one in the works, but my plans for it fell through. It was going to be a Futureland with no grass, trees, etc using only the four colored grids for land, basic blocks, and the glass scenery objects.

The installer was a pretty big bone of contention.

Fun fact: The vast majority of the team that worked on it was on dial-up.

Thankfully, the file sizes are itty bitty, so it was never a limiting factor in any way.

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I've started a new project for us fans to expand our Downloads page (which currently has links to download our OpenRCT2 update software, along with the Launcher) to make it more effective.  I'm calling for the restoration of the (Open)RCT2 Object Database, a newly-restored and updated version of the original website from some years ago (we currently need to go to either the New Element Designs website, or visit the OpenRCT2 Fun Fair page on Facebook [which requires a free membership subscription to access] in order to get our new object .DATs and packs).  There'll also be pages for user-created track and park downloads, as well as useful tools and utilities.

After all these new pages get constructed on our website (and opened for business), you'll see our Downloads option link get new sublinks:

(A) OpenRCT2 Software—the update package program and its (optional) Launcher

(B) OpenRCT2 Object Database—with downloads for all our custon-made object .DATs and scenery packs

(C) OpenRCT2 Tracks Database—having downloads for all our user-made coasters/water rides and slides/car tracks/mini golf courses

(D) OpenRCT2 Parks Database—where download links will be made available for our saved games and scenarios

(E) OpenRCT2 Tools Database—our new place to get very useful tools and utilities to enhance our gameplay.

Please consider contributing to make our website better.  Thank You!



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Saw this thread and registered just to post, but I was also a part of the team. Don't remember what username I was using at the time, but I remember assisting with custom objects and paths for the UCES. Must have been sometime in the 2004-2005 range, because I was still in high school at the time. Wish I still had some of that content!

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I remember making a let's play going through the content starting when I was 12. It was a lot of fun, and the parks were awesome, but my goodness, I cringe whenever I watch those old videos... which is why I'm sharing the link right here:


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