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  1. What exactly are you asking me to do? I'm willing to help, I just need some direction.
  2. Although I only worked visibly on tracks, more of my dealings were with testing and other usual shenanigans when dealing with a group of people working on a project. I didn't work on any scenarios. I had one in the works, but my plans for it fell through. It was going to be a Futureland with no grass, trees, etc using only the four colored grids for land, basic blocks, and the glass scenery objects. The installer was a pretty big bone of contention. Fun fact: The vast majority of the team that worked on it was on dial-up. Thankfully, the file sizes are itty bitty, so it was neve
  3. Hi. I was one of the members that helped create UCES. UCES is an expansion set that added a bunch of rides, scenarios, scenery, etc just like an official release would have been. I was wondering if any of the other people that were on that team hang out around here. If you don't feel like outing yourself publicly, that's cool. If you could take a moment to send a PM saying hi, that would be cool. I'm new to OpenRCT2, but I'm getting ready to jump in to it.
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