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Cannot Place Spawn Points in Scenario Editor

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Hello! I'm having a little trouble in OpenRCT2 -- when making a new scenario, I can't seem to place spawn points for guests to enter the park! I can select the option to place one, but it doesn't seem to... stick. I'm having this problem in the most recent developer build and the most recent stable release! I don't quite know what else to add, and I'd really appreciate some guidance on that front. Thank you very much for reading, and for any help you may have for me!

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To place spawn points:

[note: Enabling sandbox mode and using the "golden shovel" is not necessary when placing spawn points in the scenario editor because the mini map in the scenario editor has full functionality by default.]

First be sure you have cheats checked from the options tab in the upper right corner of the opening sequence screen (in the gears tab/toolbar; check cheats), this will give you the "golden shovel" tab at the top left while playing a game (the golden shovel will be a new tab, one tab to the right of the floppy disk tab). Now while you are in a game, select; "enable sandbox mode" from this golden shovel tab. Now, go to the "grid" icon to the right of the "eye icon" and select "show map". This will open the mini-map. Now in the mini-map click on the red-shirted peep. This red shirted peep icon is the "spawn-point" icon/tool. Now that you've clicked on this icon just place your spawn points by hovering the cursor over a tile of unowned  land where you want the spawn point to be(a blue arrow should appear) (the spawn point needs to be on a path for peeps to enter a park, and also will not appear unless it is placed on an unowned tile). Move the cursor slightly to point the spawn point arrow northeast, southeast, southwest, or northwest. Now just click the left mouse button to set the spawn point on the tile. 

To own or unown land tiles: open the same "mini-map" (next to the "eye-icon"). Now click on the "blue-grid" icon. If "land owned" is checked, every tile you click on will become "owned". And Visa-Versa, if land owned is unchecked, every tile you click on will become "unowned".

Now there are just a few more rules to follow:

The spawn point must preceed a park entrance by at least one tile or be directly on a tile embodied by the park gate itself for peeps to flow from the spawn point and into your park. To place a park entrance, go in the same mini-map and click the park entrance icon. This will allow you to place a park entrance. You can only choose one style of park entrance per map. The entrance style you desire must be selected in the object selection menu, however, If you want to deselect the type of entrance that is currently in a park and select a new entrance you must first delete all of the entrances that exist in the park by right-clicking on them while the park entrance icon is depressed or "selected". Only after ALL of the park entrances have been deleted from a park, can you deselect the current type of entrance and choose a new one in the object selection menu.

Now you should be all set to place your spawn points and entrance(s).

Remember, you need your spawn point and the rest of the path leading into your park entrance to be "unowned" for the peeps to pass in or out of the park, but the path after the park entrance that continues into the park must be "owned" for the peeps to pass through the entrance and into the park. (the park entrance itself is usually "unowned" by default and cannot be changed).

Oh and one more thing; the path containing your spawn point leading up to the park entrance and into the park must originate from (or be touching) the park map's outer edge (or outer border).  [atleast i think this is true, but i could be wrong.]

Follow these rules, and with some experimenting, you should be able to successfully build your park entrances and spawn points.

Note: The blue spawn point arrows will become invisible after leaving the mini-map menu, you just have to trust that they are there. 


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2 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

Also, you need your spawn point and the rest of the path leading to your park entrance to be on "unowned" land for the peeps to pass in or out of the park, but the entrance itself and the path after the park entrance must be "owned" for the peeps to continue into the park (the park entrance itself is usually "owned" by default).

Thank you, that's the part I was forgetting. But no worries -- this was wonderfully informative and a great refresher! I actually gifted RCT2 to a ton of my friends during the big steam sale, so I may actually link them to this if they ever toy around with the scenario editor -- this was so comprehensive! Thank you so much!

Also that's... kind of an amazing bug if I'm being honest. I know that modding RCT2 is a really... involved... task, so I can't even imagine how much work is going into oRCT2, but I'm incredibly impressed by what all the devs have accomplished. MULTIPLAYER BLEW MY MIND.

... as an aside, I seem to be the last person on the planet to hear about this amazing tool, but I'm so glad I found it, it's made my life so much easier and I'm so appreciative that it exists.

But sorry for rambling! Thank you very much for your help, you wound up assisting me after all, and I'm thankful! See you around, friend!

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18 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

There also seems to be a bug in the newest openrct2 version, if you press the spawn point button 3 times the whole map goes invisible. This was not happening in the last version of openrct2, maybe the developers are in the process of changing something???

Placing peep spawns seems to be a tad buggy. While testing just now, I noticed that once the first two peep spawns have been replaced, every third click seems to be ignored. Perhaps this is causing the map to disappear for you. I've created an issue about it in GitHub: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/5920


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