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Large sitting areas

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Ok I'm answering my own question and found out how to do this if anyone else is interested:)

"What you do is you build a wall on the ground. Then you build a piece of path on either side of the wall. The next step is to put Benches on both pieces of path and then you sell the wall. Simple"


RCT2 multiple seating.JPG

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You can also skip the wall and just use the tile inspector to disconnect the paths. Also, if you want to have benches arranged in groups of four (like they're sitting around a table), you can disconnect all the path edges and leave the diagonals connected (this can make guests get lost so you might have to reconnect some paths to fix it).

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I don't know why I haven't joined this forum earlier, I've been paying close attention to the Open RCT2 project on reddit.  Had I been I couldn't have answered this question for you.  Now, the next level of design is figuring out how to do benches like they do on nedesigns, like this:


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