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OpenRCT2 version 0.0.8 running too fast

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I really enjoy the game and love all the updates and cheats. A few weeks ago, when I changed my hard disk on my computer, I moved the game. I use the launcher to start the game and I am currently running version 0.0.8. Now, since the game was moved, it runs way too fast. I mean, a 5 mph lift hill will have the train going up at Cable Lift speed and a train going over a hill at 25mph won't even slow down and look like its going much faster. 


Any ideas what could cause this? Thank you!

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Some checks:

In the options, turn on the fps counter. Unless 'uncap fps' is enabled, it should run at 40fps.

Click the ride that goes way too fast and track the vehicle. What is the in-game speed of the train?

Check the game speed in the top-left corner of the game. There's a button to speed up/slow down the game there (or use '+' and '-' on your keyboard).

It may be the case that the game lagged very bad on your old configuration and now runs fine, making you think there's something wrong while there isn't.

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