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Attraction that every guest will queue up for

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As i am experimenting with a park entrance ticket system using mazes to get people to line up for their tickets before entering the park: is it possible to have a ride that every peep will queue up for no matter what their preference is? Would it be possible to implement a ticket booth for open RCT2 or is there something i missed so far? I think it would be a great addition to the atmosphere if people line up before getting into your park.

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29 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

It is currently not possible to force a peep into a queue. A queue before entering the park is not going to happen either (think about balance changes and such). You could try to implement it yourself if you really need it.

I would be fine with a workaround, i know as well that changing the entrance mechanic is not welcome by everyone. So a ride that everyone goes on to would be the perfect solution.

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15 hours ago, Broxzier said:

Are workaround could be to build the maze with a queue, and a path going around/underneath the maze. This park does exactly that: https://www.nedesigns.com/park/3835/sunset-lake/


This is exactly what i came up with so far, but i guess it's the best possible solution right now. Still, a ride that everyone cues up for would be a cool idea to simulate queues in front of drink stalls for example. Thanks for the help!

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