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Importing RCT1 tracks

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So I've dumped all my RCT1 tracks into my folder for OpenRCT2, but a couple of my favorite coasters won't run (error involving the train-type). Is this related to the file extension being different? Is there some sort of work-around?

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Corkscrew roller coaster -> Hypercoaster -> u(2818)
Error message: Cannot test Corkscrew Rollercoaster... track unsuitable for type of train.

All sorts of the hypercoaster tracks won't work. I think it's the half-corkscrew track piece (which seems a bit silly for a corkscrew coaster).

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Are you trying to import a hypercoaster or a corkscrew coaster? Hypercoasters can't have the corkscrew piece. If you have "select rides by track type" enabled, then the hypercoaster and the corkscrew coaster are grouped together, so you will be able to build the layout with inversions but you will get this error if you try to open it with hypercoaster trains. If that's the case, change the train type to the corkscrew coaster and you will be able to open the ride (assuming it's available in your scenario).

IIRC, there isn't a cheat that will allow you to run hypercoaster trains on a ride with inversions (unless you merge it), which is unusual as you can do this with almost all other trains. This behaviour should probably be changed.

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