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Possible screaming bug?

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Just got OpenRCT2 and I love it but the only problem I have is that for some reason guests now scream on any roller coaster dropping from any height.  In the old RCT2 there was a height limit of how high a drop had to be to activate the screams. in OpenRCT2 there's no height limit so a small 5ft drop activates a scream. This doesn't sound too bad but when you're operating coasters with a lot of small individual carts it becomes a constant high pitch screaming noise. For example, you can load up the scenario Crazy Castle and then immediately build the Wooden Wild Mouse coaster called Mouse Towers. Each cart only holds two guests and when the line is filled there are a plethora of carts running along tiny drops that cause the rider to scream constantly. This plus the higher resolution means that anytime the ride is on screen my speakers are filled with high pitch screaming that forces me to turn off the sound effects.

Is there any way to possibly disable certain screams, or maybe even screams in general, or reinstitute the height limit for screaming? Anything to stop the onslaught would be wonderful!

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